The Process

theprocessWhen building a new home there are so many things to consider and sometimes the process can become overwhelming. Your cabinetry is an integral element of your new home, so we work closely with you to ensure that the design process is enjoyable and as streamlines as possible.

  • Initial consultation in our showroom to meet your designer, peruse house plans, discuss design brief, finishes and budget-enjoy a coffee and cake
  • The development for initial concept with CAD drawings
  • Second consultation in the showroom with your designer, to review initial concept drawings and quotation. We will finalise the design and selection of finishes, colours and hardware
  • We will liaise with your builder to ensure that all plumbing positions and internal structures are correctly positioned for final cabinetry design
  • A final measure on-site will be completed once your home is at the frame stage
  • You will be provided with a ‘schedule of works’ which details dates for delivery and installation of cabinetry
  • A final detailing and processing of plans for manufacture will be completed by us
  • Your cabinetry will be manufactured in the GCK factory
  • One of our qualified installers will deliver and install your cabinetry, overseen by our site supervisor